About TRIS

Hello Blog Reader! Welcome to my little corner of the cyber world. Here’s some info to get you acquainted with who I am and how things work around TRIS (The Ray in Spain) 😉

Hey! It’s me, The Ray  Rachel. I’m a twenty-something-year-old originally from a small suburban town of Chicago. After graduating college in the Spring of 2009, I took a one year position teaching English in Spain and have been living abroad ever since. I started this blog as a way to broadcast my daily updates on living in a foreign country to the folks back at home and everyone else in between 🙂

As with any blogger, I write about those topics nearest and dearest to my heart. Here on TRIS you’ll find posts having to do with my take on: Spanish cuisine, daily life, fashion, social norms, educational system, gender roles, humor, family life, celebrities, and language. I could talk your ear off about how/why American and Spanish lifestyles differ and love to theorize about what makes our cultures unique. So if you’re abnormal like me and could toss and turn all night pondering questions like: Why do Spaniards traditionally have lunch later than Americans? or What are the pros and cons of living in country with a socialized government?, then you’ve come to the right place.

I recently left the beautiful northern city of Gijón and am currently residing in Madrid, Spain’s capital. My ultimate goal is to establish myself professionally in Spain as a bona-fided English teacher. Other goals include: mastering the Spanish language, adjusting to living outside of the US, making some amigos over here, keeping in touch with everyone from home and saving money…. all the while documenting the process here on TRIS!


9 thoughts on “About TRIS

    • on wordpress where I signed up for the blog you can pick from a bunch a free formats – i chose this new one but added the license plates thing at the top – do you like the change??

  1. This is my first time on this page. I just found your intro. Very cool. I’m excited to learn about Spain from an American’s POV.
    And I just realized what TRIS was! haha

  2. Hey this is Sissy,
    Just thought you should know that I was reading over the “about me” section on this page and part of the sentences are cut off…
    Still love reading your blog;-)

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