See you in February!

Hello again Readers!

I must admit that since returning to Spain after the Christmas holiday I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed.

Remember those (6!) online classes I signed up for back in September? Well, time has sure flown by because now the final exam season is upon me. Although my tests aren’t until next month, I’m beginning to prepare for them long in advanced.

This is mainly due to two reasons: A) the material is in Spanish and thus takes me longer to study/process than would something in English and B) these classes are super important (and super expensive!) and I therefore want to pass with flying color my first time around.

Long story short – I no longer have my same relaxed schedule as before (especially on the weekends) and consequently have had to sacrifice some non-essential time commitments in order to make room for some more study time.

Sadly, my weekly TRIS updates were on the chopping block :-/ I will however return to posting mid-February when my finals are finally over! I’ll have a lot to tell you about – mainly a recap of my trip to Istanbul (!!!) and the plans my parents are making regarding their visit here in April!

I wanted to also report that although I’m a little overwhelmed with all this studying, this is the happiest I’ve felt here in Spain in a long time! Life is good and even though nothing lasts forever, I hope to enjoy this feeling of contentment while it’s here.

Tata for now! Wish me luck! I’ll post the results of the exams once I find out – cross your fingers for all passes!