English Teaching Day I

It’s that time of the year folks….

6) (as my Grandpa would say) No Fighting! No Biting!

…for me to head back to school!

September 15th marked my first day teaching English at an after school academy. Armed with my classroom “golden rules” sign, colorful paper chain, and nifty new backpack, I was pumped to start the year off right! Despite being prepared, I was still pretty nervous. Luckily I had Diego around to give me one of his epic motivational speeches – seriously if you’re ever feeling down about yourself, he’s the man to talk to!

I had figured out a few days prior to the 15th that the bus that passes in front of our apartment everyday is in on the same route as the English academy – score!

Here she comes!

I literally just have to walk out my front door, hop on the bus, sit and relax for twenty minutes, and get dropped off in front of my new job! Talk about being lucky. I originally thought that my workday commute would consist of trekking 10 minutes uphill to the nearest Metro station. Much better to use the bus – especially when you’re packing a lot of cargo!

The mandatory (according to Debie) first day of work photo!

The place I work at is a privately owned family business. It caters to children and adults who want some extra English practice during after school and work hours. That means my work day begins at 4pm and ends around 8 or 9pm. So far I’m liking this timetable – especially since Diego also works during the afternoon shift at the pharmacy.

These are some photos of the outside of the academy.

It's located on the bottom floor of an apartment complex

Here’s a look at my very own classroom! The academy is big enough for each teacher to have his/her own room – no sharing like I’ve experienced at other places.

Did you notice the Catch Phrase game??? That's my secret to winning over the kiddos on the first day šŸ˜‰

This year I have classes with children ranging from ages 2-18! Looks like I’m going to have to pull out every trick I have up my sleeve through out the course of the school year in an effort to keep them interested and entertained (because let’s be honest – kids aren’t too motivated at their after school English class)

Finally, here I am riding on the bus home after a successful day (I’m sitting in my all time favorite bus spot – up in front in the one-seater!) I really enjoy the atmosphere of the academy and how hands on the director of the school is. She’s been super supportive and helpful to me which I definitely appreciate being the new kid in town. Also, so far none of my kids have been too naughty…. let’s hope that it wasn’t an act and they’ll keep it up until at least November.

You can tell it's my first day because I'm still smiling šŸ˜‰

All in all, looks like I’m going to have a great year šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “English Teaching Day I

  1. I am sooo excited for you! How many kids are there at each class? The 2 years olds aren’t with the 18 year olds, right? That would be like teaching in a log cabin back in the 1800’s! You’d definitely need a great song and dance routine for that one!
    I’m sure you’ll be great. The kiddos must love you!

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