It’s a Girl!


After three l-o-n-g weeks of impatiently waiting (and testing our her new gear ;-)), the newest member of the Santos-Miller household has arrived to Madrid.

Yup, it passes the comfy test!

TRIS readers – I’d like you to meet our puppy Sandy!

Don't mind my pajamas, glasses, and greasy face - it was 8am when she got here.

We picked her out from a Golden Retriever breeder in Asturias while we were living in Gijón, but we had to wait until she was old enough to be away from her mother until she could come to live with us. Today is the day we are finally reunited! 🙂

Upon arrival to our apartment our Little Ball-of-Joy promptly did the 3 “P’s” (pee, poop, and puke). Even though we have just met, it looks like she feels comfortable enough to make herself right at home! (She’s now in the kitchen sleeping off all the homecoming excitement) 🙂

Told you it was comfy!

The Decision

The topic of getting a dog is something that Diego and I have been toying with since living in Sydney. We both grew up with pups and knew that one day a Little Fur-Ball would make a great addition to our “family” 😉

However, deciding to get a pet was not an overnight decision! We spent many long hours hammering out all the logistics of dog ownership. In our case specifically, adding a new friend into the equation presented many obstacles. Everything from her name (we had to choose a something easy enough for both of us to pronounce) – to who takes her out and when (we live in an apartment so trips to the bathroom involve stairs, an elevator, and crossing a patio – not ideal at 7 am or 10 pm) – to what to do with Sandy if we want to go away for a weekend (a kennel looks like our best option).

After all was said and done we “bit the bullet” and opted to get a Golden (Diego’s dream dog since when he was young – How cute is that??) 🙂

Diego giving Sandy her first bath.

Dog Ownership in Spain

I would say that raising a puppy while living in an apartment (which is where the majority of the population in Spain resides) is at least twice as complicated as doing it while living in a house with yard. Before we got Sandy, Diego brought up all the challenges of living with Sandy in an apartment that I took for granted growing up with a house and a yard in the US.

For starters, it’s super important that the pup has good manners (i.e. doesn’t bark a lot, gets along well with other dogs, doesn’t jump up on you ect.) Because you’re living in a big housing unit with dozens of other people it’s key that your pet doesn’t bother the other people sharing the building with you. We’re hoping we turn out to be “apt” owners and are capable of showing The Sander everything she needs to know about being a “polite” apartment pooch.

Secondly, without a backyard – owners in Spain have to make the extra effort to ensure that their pup gets enough activity. We’re lucky to live close to two different parks – you better believe that Sandy will be tare-in’ them up in no time! Grandma Debie was also kind enough to send us a Doggie-Care-Package complete with a Frisbee and tennis ball – perfect puppy park play toys!

I’ll make sure to keep doing updates on the Lil’ Sand Bag as she grows and learns new things. How strange that now we’re a group of three instead of two! I know that despite all the obstacles Sandy is going to add something special to our mini fam 🙂


7 thoughts on “It’s a Girl!

  1. Es muy cuta! 😉 And I agree with Gramma Debie – you guys seem like you have really thought everything out! Have fun with your new furry friend!
    PS I love the name, and I was serious about singing the song from Annie.

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