Our New Home

One would assume that after circumnavigating the globe (literally) Diego and I would be ready to relax and settle down in one place for a while….

….not quite.

As my mother told me in one of her epic Facebook messages: “There’s no moss on your back!” (Referring to the saying: ‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’) 🙂

It’s true! We have managed to pack everything up again and move our lives to a different city!

Thankfully the place where at going to live isn’t as foreign to either of us as Sydney, Australia.

No way! In fact we are a mere 4 hours south of Gijón…. can you guess which major Spanish city we now call home??

It’s Madrid!!!

(Hah, I guess my post earlier this post gave it away…. but hopefully some of you were still surprised ;-))

Let me tell you though, it was no easy task getting ourselves down here! Here’s a summary of how it went down.


Luckily neither of us has too many possessions we needed to bring with us. (With one major exception – a recently purchased massive flat screen TV!) Even so, due to the dimensions of Diego’s car he (correctly) hypothesized that we couldn’t manage to fit everything if we packed it in suitcases.

His solution was to simply haul all of our stuff down to the parking garage of Gijón and starting piling it in the car! (Meaning the entire backseat and truck  turned into our one giant suitcase!) Success!

I was skeptical at first, but somehow this plan worked.

Room to spare!

Kind of crazy to think that all of our worldly possessions could fit into one little car! Diego was most concerned about the safe transportation of the television and being on time for the meeting with the landlord, while I was most worried about the blender and whether we would have enough time to stop for lunch 🙂 “To each his own”!

The New Place

I was the only one who had seen our new rental apartment before we moved in – so our first day was a big shocker for Diego! While it is much smaller, not as nicely decorated, and further away from the downtown than our previous apartment in Gijón – this place gets points for: having a great layout, a big storage closet, a swimming pool, and falling within our price range! 🙂

Here’s a few pics of what the place looked like after we hauled all of our stuff in from the car (remember that process took a long time seeing that our things weren’t packed in suitcases.

Nice and cozy! 😉

No worries mates! After a few hours of cleaning up and organizing (thank goodness for the storage closet and the built in wardrobe!) we were left with this:

Much better!

And want to see the best part of all???

Our fancy "ocean view"

A swimming pool we share with the people of our building 🙂

Now we’re talking!!

Jobs and Such

Both of us were lucky enough to find work before our move to Madrid. Starting September 15th I will begin full-time at an English academy as a (what else?) English teacher 🙂 and Diego starts the first week of September working at a pharmacy. Thank you for all the concerns and well-wishes – everything ended up falling into place nicely for us here.

While I will miss Gijón (it’s a gorgeous city!) I am excited to have returned to Madrid to live (I studied abroad and worked as a nanny here in 2007 and spent a lot of time here in 2010 when I met Diego). Unlike Gijón, it has the “big international city” vibe. I don’t feel “out of place” in the slightest – there are thousands of other foreign people here like me!

It also feels like Madrid was hit less harshly by the crisis than Asturias (the state Gijón is located in). Here there seems to be more employment, more opportunity, and more young people – definitely something we both appreciate.

I will keep you all updated with what we end up doing before our respected jobs begin! As of late we’ve been trying to escape the midday heat and the WYD Pilgrims (the hundreds of thousands of young people who are visiting Madrid this week to celebrate the arrival of the Pope).

Ha, they are literally everywhere! I don’t have anything against them, but because there are so many of them and they travel around in big groups it makes taking the public transportation and eating a popular restaurants a challenge.

Case in point:

I'm trapped! 🙂

As an additional side note, take a look at the fancy “fish tank”- like car that the Pope travels around the city in!

Quite the spectacle to say the least!

Stay tuned for more updates!

(P.S. after overcoming some technical difficulties the TRIS Unplugged Diary is finally up to date!) 🙂


6 thoughts on “Our New Home

  1. I enjoyed reading today’s fun post. The packing idea was true genius. I love the apartment pictures – and especially those little ones above your beautiful t.v. 😉
    As for the Pope – a Big Fish in a very small aquarium pond!

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