Gijón Summer Fashion Trends 2011

Welcome back! I hope you’re ready to channel your inner fashion diva today – because this post is dedicated to the clothing trends that were popular in Gijón this summer 🙂

And guys, don’t fear! I’m including a men’s and a women’s category so that all the male readers out there have the opportunity to see how they compare – “fashion wise” – to Asturian men….! 😉

….. or at least have the opportunity to “get a kick out” of how different the styles are here compared to the ones back home!

Gijón Style Intro 

I was originally going to title this post “Spanish Summer Fashion Trends” but then I realized that what I see many people wearing around this city isn’t necessarily characteristic of the whole country.

(For example where I went to university in Bloomington, IL  girls wore: sorority sweat shirts, Victoria Secret Pink Sweat Pants, and Uggs… definitely not a universal trend! )

Because Gijón is a coastal city, I think that the ocean and the beach play key roles in determining the style of the people. But don’t be fooled! What’s cool here isn’t the “California/urban/skater/beach bum look” – but rather the “nautical/English preppy” look!

In a minute I’m going to break it down into men’s and women’s categories, but in general I would say that the “in” style for both genders this summer included:

Colors: white, navy blue, and red

Patterns: vertical stripes

Clothing Pieces: collared shirts, tucked in shirts, and cardigans

Creepy Paparazzi Shot

Here’s a “trendy” styled family I hurriedly got a photo of walking around one day – (even though it’s blurry) notice how they embody most all of the gender neutral trends I mentioned above (stripes, red/white/blue colors, collared shirts)!

(Ha, I promise this is the only picture of strangers I included in this post – I just really wanted you guys to see proof that I wasn’t making this stuff up!) 🙂

Women’s Summer Trends: Winner

It was tough to pick just one item of clothing to put on the top of the women’s fashion list – as there was a lot more variation in women’s dressing than there was in men’s dressing around here this summer (more on that later).

Yet, there was one thing that I saw worn time and time again by all women regardless of age – and that was the:

(navy blue) Blazer

From the "ElGanso" website

Women here in Gijón paired their blazers with everything this summer – (and not just in the office!) – blazers were worn around town with everything from shorts to dresses – and over things like collared shirts and stripped t-shirts.

again from El Ganso

Popular blazer colors included, navy (hands down favorite) white, and gray.

I should also mention that the summer temperatures around here are pretty mild – daily temps. average around 60F-85F. So don’t think that women from Gijón were born without sweat glads and can therefore tolerate wearing blazers in the summer! Most days in Gijón a light jacket is, in fact, necessary attire.

(Fun Fact! They call “blazers” here “americanas!”) – Does that mean we invented the blazer in the US???

Runner up

Keeping with the nautical theme – coming in at close second was the navy and white stripped shirt for women. This has always been a classic – yet the women of Gijón took it to a new level. I think everyone and their mother must own one of these babies!

From the Mango Website

Kinda cute with the red belt – right? 🙂

Top “Head-Scratcher” Trend

The women here didn’t test out any scandalous trends this summer (dang it!)….

….but there was one type of bag from a trendy store that I saw being used and cannot wrap my head around.

Take a look at/(through?) it!

Taken from the Bimba y Lola online store

A transparent purse! Is it just me or would you also be ashamed if the people on the street could see the chaotic contents of your bag?? This “clear purse” trend would never work for me – I would prefer if the whole world didn’t know about the extra half a sandwich I carry around “just in case” 😉

What about you – do you like the clear bag idea??? (It also comes in many other colors and styles!)

Men’s Summer Trends: Winner

The most shocking thing for me to witness (fashion related) this summer was how the men here got all dressed up in nice/trendy things! I think that in the US guys leave the “dressing nice” on a day to day basis to the ladies (unless they have a dress code at work or something) – yet here I saw men bust out their top outfits all over the place!

Also curious to me was the fact that there existed one dominate trend this summer that a ton of men followed (usually from my experience only women follow trends) yet here in Gijón the guys were on it!

This was the  unanimous winner: the logo polo

The bigger the name of the brand of the shirt – the better!

Case in point:

From the Hackett website

In Gijón, for trendy guys, it was all about the collared shirt with giant logos on them – popular ones being from the brands: Hackett and Ralph Lauren.

my own photo from a store advertisement

See what I mean when I said that the preppy look was in??? Not only to guys dig the Polos – but they also sometimes wear them with the collar up! (Shocking!) and/or with a sweater tied around their shoulders!

I guess none of these looks are ground-breaking – in fact in many parts of the US Polos and blazers are considered “classic styles” – but where I grew up in the Midwest Suburbs, the “classic” male outfit was a combo of: jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. Therefore you can see why I’m blown away with the style choices of the men in Gijón!

Runner Up

What better to match with your “logo-ed” polo than some nautical shoes! In the US I would call these “boat shoes” – (do they have a more technical name?) – here they called them nauticos. In whatever language you use to reference them, I think they’re super cute! This is a photo from a store close to our house… hint hint…. Diego!

Much better than wearing gym shoes with jeans – and more casual and hip than wearing “loafers”. I’m a fan of the nauticos, I even wish my own guy would invest in a pair! 😉

Top Head-Scratcher

After professing my love for the “boat shoes” trend, I must be honest and say that I’m not crazy about a certain men’s look that was popular this summer. It feels strange for me to have an opinion about men’s fashion – again, guys that I grew up with typically “passed” on super trendy things – so in the US I usually only had a negative comment about a guy’s clothes when it has to do with something not matching or being sloppy/dirty. Around here, however, my concern isn’t about the cleanliness of the (in this case) pants….

…but rather their “pastel” intensity level. Indeed, some gents here really “run” with the whole “preppy” style and even include “Easter” colored slim fitting chino pants in their day to day outfits. I have to admit, in my opinion, if you’re not on a yacht and/or attending a fancy polo tournament perhaps you should leave the shockingly colored trousers at home.

What are your thoughts?

Do you “dig” the super “preppy” look?  Should certain guys in Gijón be applauded for mixing pastel colors into their outfits – or scolded for trying too hard?

Final Thoughts 

Of course there’s a little bit of all types of fashion/styles floating around Gijón! These “trends” that I’ve mentioned before are by no means the “mandatory uniform” of all the cities’ citizens. I simply felt compelled to write a post about what’s popular here because I found it interesting that that nautical/preppy motif had caught on with good amount of the people here (including men, women, and children!).

Lastly, something else I have noticed while living abroad is that Spanish people appear to own less clothing than we do in the US. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that most live in apartments and therefore naturally have less closet space than we do? Whatever the reason, I think the rule here is (more or less) to invest money in a few quality “classic” pieces rather than owning a ton of less expensive clothing.

Tell me, what are you like? Do you have lots of clothing? A few expensive pieces? A little bit of both?

Hope you enjoyed seeing what’s “hot” over here!

What trends did you see where you lived this summer? Are Americans also rocking the preppy/nautical style?

Do share! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Gijón Summer Fashion Trends 2011

  1. I remember you had mentioned these Spanish fashion trends when you were home for the wedding! This post made me think of three things: For one, the red-blue-white-stripes-preppy look totally reminds me of Great Britain. You think the trends were influenced by the Royal Wedding? Secondly, I remember you had said that in Spain clothing was either expensive and high-quality, or cheap and not worth wearing. In the US, we have both high-end fashion labels, as well as less well-known clothing companies; the less well-know, are still made well, and are more easily accessed, sold just about anywhere (from Macy’s to Walmart), so our clothing options are more diverse, thus more clothing. In Spain, it would make sense to only have a few quality pieces in your wardrobe since clothes are so darn expensive! Finally, Those shoes you were hinting at, for Diego to buy, are the almost exact pair that David wore to the wedding! Just saying Diego, David loves them, and wears them all the time because they are so comfortable! And they do polish-up any outfit he wears:-) I think you should reconsider;-)

    • hahah Diego said absolutely not about getting those shoes! haha, I know, you’re right they make an outfit look a lot more “pulled together”…. Perhaps they were influenced by British style up north in Gijón – also they wore a lot of Ralph Lauren brand stuff so the “preppy” look comes a little from the US too. What I noticed here is that if you go to a “normal” store to buy things the quality is worse (in my opinion) than in the US. For example I have jeans from Target that I’ve worn for like 4 years and they are still holding up! And then I buy things from a low cost retail store here and they don’t hold up for more than one season. Maybe that’s why the people go for investment pieces! (either that or I’m just shopping at the wrong places 😉 )

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