Etymology 101

Today has been a productive one!

  1. Two classes given
  2. Three classes planned for tomorrow
  3. A bunch of English academies contacted
  4. One interview set up

Checked ’em all off of the do to list!

Unfortunately since I’ve spent the day tending to numbers 1-4, I haven’t had the time to prepare a post about the topic I was originally going to write about….

So instead I have made the game time decision to entertain you with something  only myself and my former Latin Professor everyone is sure to enjoy(s) – A post about Etymology  (aka the study of the origin of words)

Don’t roll your eyes just yet! I got interested in this business back in university while (you guessed it) studying Latin. Granted, I am the first to admit that studying a dead language wasn’t all fun and games, but I did have its interesting parts. I personally loved learning about modern English words whose roots come from Latin 🙂

Are you still with me?? 😉


Exhibit A: The prefix of many English words PRO comes from the Latin preposition meaning “in the favor of”

We use that one all the time! Like for example we state: I’m pro-life.  -or – I’m pro-abortion.

To continue….

Exhibit B: The word CRAS is Latin for “tomorrow”

Question: Can you think of an English word that combines both cras and pro?

……hint: it can help describe why this post is so lame uncharacteristic today…..


or from that Latin roots, literally – in favor of  tomorrow!

See I told you etymology could be cool 🙂


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