Greetings from Gijón Asturias: My anticlimactic first post

After many many months of threatening to start a blog… the day has finally arrived!!! June 12th 2011 =  ¡Happy Birthday The Ray in Spain (TRIS)!

It took a mere 24-some hours  to:

1) Come up with a name for this baby

2) Create a tag line (who knew writing one stupid sentence would be so difficult??)

3) Write the About Me! …. y poco más….

Whoops – obviously that isn’t such an impressive list given the time frame – here’s to hoping my future blog endeavors will be less painless.

I have to start dinner soon and then hurry over to meet Saints (Diego) at the Farm (pharmacy). So alas this all important first post will be short (and photo-less) 😦 However, now that I’ve officially published once I’m hoping that the blogger ball is  a-rollin’ and I’ll be updating TRIS with actual substance on a regular basis. Until then, here’s a little something you can look forward to…

Photos of my ‘hood

Updates on my work situation or lack thereof  😉

Touché Tuesday!

Shout-outs to the important characters of TRIS

Thanks for dropping by to check me out – hopefully this is the start of a beautiful thing. Check ya again soon Blog Readers!


The Ray  Me


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